ANS Connecticut Section Speaker Meeting Announcement for October 23rd, 2014

Development of a Zirconium Hydride Moderated Molten Salt Fueled Reactor

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Leslie Dewan, co-founder and Chief Scientist of Transatomic Power, who are developing a new, thermal-spectrum molten salt reactor concept that uses zirconium hydride as a moderator and LiF-(Actinide)F4 as fuel.  The designs builds on the work conducted in the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment (MSRE) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the 1960s.  The new salt and moderator used in this design gives the reactor a twenty-fold power density increase as compared to the MSRE, and allows for the use of spent nuclear fuel or low-enriched uranium (1.8% U-235)  as fuel, while retaining the MSRE’s significant safety benefits, including full passive safety and atmospheric-pressure operation.  The higher power density, thermal neutron spectrum, and atmospheric pressure operation greatly reduce the cost of the plant, resulting in overnight capital costs on par with coal-fired power plants.

Ultimately, this design has the potential to consume the country’s existing stockpiles of spent nuclear fuel, while safely generating enormous amounts of cheap, carbon-free electricity.

Transatomic Power is  a nuclear reactor design company developing safe and environmentally-friendly power plants that run entirely on nuclear waste.

About the speaker:

Dr. Leslie Dewan graduated from MIT in 2013 with a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering, with a research focus on computational nuclear materials.  She also holds S.B. degrees from MIT in mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering.  Before starting her Ph.D., she worked for a robotics company in Cambridge, MA, where she designed search-and-rescue robots and equipment for in-field identification of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons.  Leslie has been awarded a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship and an MIT Presidential Fellowship.  She was named a TIME Magazine “30 People Under 30 Changing the World” in December 2013, an MIT Technology Review “Innovator Under 35” in September 2013, and a Forbes “30 Under 30” in Energy in December 2012.

We will be meeting on the University of Hartford campus at 200 Bloomfield Ave, West Hartford, CT at 6PM in Gengras Student Union room 331 (Bldg 18 on the UofH_Map). Please also download and use this permit:  ANS Parking 102314.

Details are provided this flyer:  20141023 Speaker Meeting Announcement

Sorry!  We are sold out.  The room is full.

So please save this date on your calendars and RSVP with your affiliation and contact information by October 17th to Stephen Szarek at 860-731-6313 or  Dinner is Family Style Catered from Concetta’s Italian Restaurant in Bloomfield, CT.

We hope to see you there!


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