Speaker Presentation Library

The American Nuclear Society Connecticut Section makes available to our members the following presentations from our past activities:

Date Speaker Title
October 23rd 2014 Leslie Dewan Transatomic Power CEO Development of a Zirconium Hydride Moderated Molten Salt Fueled Reactor
September 30th 2014 (Northeastern Section UMASS Career Panel) Daryl Harmon Westinghouse Consulting Engineer Nuclear Careers at Westinghouse
April 9th 2014 Michael Quinn, WorkPlace Cornerstone Associates Transuranic Uptake at a Commercial Nuclear Power Station
March 3rd 2014 (RPI Energy, Environment, and Economics Discussion) Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Cheaper, Cleaner, and More Reliable: Connecticut’s 21st Century Energy Agenda
October 23rd 2013 Don Hoffman ANS President Hoffman’s VisionandThe State of Nuclear
September 12th 2013 John Conant, ABB Combustion Engineering Site Cleanup
May 22nd 2013 Ted Quinn, Past ANS President The Challenges of Cyber Security in Nuclear Energy
April 30th 2013 (Northeastern Section) Commissioner George Apostolakis, US NRC Risk and Performance Based NRC Initiatives
April 3rd 2013 Margaret Harding, 4 Factor Consulting The Fukushima Lady
February 7th 2013 Sam Eddinger, Westinghouse Fusion: Everything you wanted to know (but were afraid to ask)
December 12th 2012 Dr. Regis Matzie, Executive Consultant, Westinghouse Forging a New Nuclear Safety Construct
October 17th 2012 Dr. Michael Corradini, ANS President Nuclear Power after Fukushima
September 13th 2012 Meredith Angwin, founder Energy Education Project at the Ethan Allen Institute and Howard Shaffer, coordinator of the ANS Vermont Public Information Pilot Project Pro Nuclear Activism – You Can Do It Too!
May 10th 2012 Jeff Engelberger – Business Development Manager, DRS Consolidated Controls Challenges in the Development of Virtual Controls for Class 1E Safety Applications
April 4th 2012 Kevin Hennessy – Director of Federal, State & Local Affairs for New England, Dominion Resources New England’s Energy Markets, Policies and Politics
February 21st 2012 David Cheng, MD, PhD – Chief of Nuclear Medicine, Medical Director PET Research Center, Yale University School of Medicine Contributions of Nuclear Isotopes in Medicine in Perspective
January 19th 2012 Alex Harkness– SMR Design Lead and Fellow Engineer, Westinghouse Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) What are they? Why are they cool?
November 19th 2011 Peter F. Caracappa, Ph.D., CHP, RPI Radionuclide Release at Fukushima
October 11st 2011 Matthew Milazzo, Deputy Director, Blue Ribbon Commission Overview of the Draft Report of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future
September 21st 2011 Brian Young, Director of Safeguards and Systems Technology, Canberra Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
June 22nd 2011 Dr. Regis Matzie, Executive Consultant, Westinghouse A Study of New Nuclear Baseload Generation in New England
May 13th 2011 Martin Van Haltern, ABWR Manager, Westinghouse Fukushima

Please contact Shawn Downey (downeysm@westinghouse.com) with any questions, corrections, or concerns about the presentations posted.  All rights are reserved by the respective authors.


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