Photos from October 23rd, 2013 Speaker Event at University of Hartford

The University of Hartford demonstrated its “See-Thru Reactor” to a crowd of about 30 including ANS President Donald Hoffman.  This is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship created by the U of H students and a fantastic way to impart basic physical principals to future students.  It is also a lot of fun to watch.

ANS President Donald Hoffman then presented Professor James Sherrard with a Silver Anniversary Award  to mark the Three Rivers Community College ANS Student Section’s 25th year of operation!

Photos from this event are below:

The names in the group photo are (from left to right):  Eric Betts, Student Chapter Vice President Glenn Chabot, James Mosher, ANS President Donald Hoffman, Peter Van Den Berg, Student Chapter Advisor & Nuclear Department Chairman Professor James Sherrard, David Mostowy, Austin LaCroix, Jeffrey Fluet, and Alexander Poutchkov.  One student on the far left cropped out of photo is Daniel Clements (sorry!).

The Student Chapter at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, CT is the oldest two-year student chapter in the nation and is very active in attending nuclear and health physics-related professional opportunities,  including dinner meetings, technical tours, and hosting industry guest speakers.  Typically one half of the graduates immediately transfer into either nuclear engineering or health physics BS degree programs while the other half seek employment in commercial nuclear power.  The track records for both groups is exceptional.  The program started in 1983 as a joint venture between Northeast Utilities and Thames Valley State Technical College to provide the educational credential needed for advancement within operational positions in nuclear power.  The program received its initial TAC (now ETAC) of ABET accreditation in 1989.  The college became Three Rivers Community College in 1992 after a local merger between the technical college and a community college; Dominion purchased Northeast Utilities’ nuclear assets in Connecticut in 2000.  The utility still continues to provide 16 full scholarships each year to selected entering freshmen and the program offers a 12-week paid internship at the nearby Millstone Nuclear Power Complex.  To date some 241 of the program graduates have gone to work at Northeast Utilities/Dominion Nuclear Connecticut facilities.  Other state and regional employers routinely hire TRCC nuclear graduates.

Congratulations to Three Rivers and to Professor Sherrard!  What a great night.  Thank you all!


Presentations and Photos from October 23rd, 2013 Speaker Event at Westinghouse

On October 23rd, 2013, to celebrate National Nuclear Science Week, ANS President Donald Hoffman spoke at Westinghouse to a packed room on his vision for ANS and on the state of the nuclear industry today.  Links to Donald Hoffman’s two presentation slides are available here:

20131023 Presentation Hoffman Vision Initiatives Update Oct 2013

20131023 Presentation State of Nuclear Oct 23 2013_Don Hoffman

During this presentation, the ANS Connecticut Section Chair, Stephen Szarek was presented with two local section Meritorious Awards for 2013:

  • Best Small Section for Public Information
  • Best Small Section for Section Management

Following the presentation, a plaque was unveiled that will be used for the Dedication of the Christopher Hoffman Memorial Library.

Photos from this event are below:

Thank you to all who attended!

ANS Connecticut Section Speaker Meeting Announcement for October 23rd, 2013

See-Through Reactor Demonstration and Silver Anniversary Award

Table Top Reactor (cropped)

Please join us for a demonstration of the University of Hartford’s sub-scale, see-through power plant.  This operating model accurately mimics a two loop Pressurized Water Reactor.  This table top model can demonstrate start-up, normal operating and off-normal occurrences for PWRs.  The glass components allow students to visually ascertain recirculating flow in U-tube steam generators, nucleate boiling and other fundamental PWR characteristics.

American Nuclear Society President Donald Hoffman will also present Three Rivers Community College’s American Nuclear Society Student Section a Silver Anniversary Award at this dinner meeting.

We will be meeting at the University of Hartford at 200 Bloomfield Ave West Hartford, CT, UT Hall Room 105 at 6PM.  All of the details are provided this flyer:  20131023 Speaker Meeting Announcement

So please save this date on your calendars and RSVP with name, affiliation, and contact information by October 16th to Darlene Koniarz at 860-731-6311 or

Hope to see you there!