Photos from the Granby Memorial High School Job Shadow Day

Below are photos from the February 4th, 2014 Second Annual Job Shadow Day.  Students form Granby Memorial High School were invited into the Westinghouse Electric Company’s Addison Road Fuel Manufacturing Facility.   The students were paired with engineers working on the factory floor for part of the day.  Group sessions were also held to answer questions and to discuss career and college choices for ALL engineering fields.   A big THANK YOU to Westinghouse and to the Volunteers and the students who participated!


WIN and ANS Members at the Burns School

Some ANS Connecticut Section Members volunteered to help out Women in Nuclear complete their final project with the Burn’s School for Latino Studies on Wednesday June 12th.  The 5th grade participants made paper rockets, tin foil boats, and towers out of marshmallows and spaghetti.  Some of the kids might even have learned something along the way!   It was a great day full of fun for everyone as the school year winds down for summer.

Photos from the ANS Connecticut Section First Anniversary Celebration

Here are some photos of ANS Connecticut Section First Anniversary Celebration held Friday July 13th 2012 at the Thomas Hooker Brewery in Bloomfield, CT.  Members and friends turned out to eat wonderful food from Concetta’s Italian Restaurant and to raise a glass of some great specialty beers.  The night included an interesting tour of the brewing process and followed by samples of a very fresh Indian Pale Ale :).

Photos of WIN and ANS Members at the Burns School

Photos of WIN and ANS Connecticut Section volunteers at the Burn’s School for Latino Studies on Friday June 8th are available.  Volunteers worked with the entire 5th grade (70 students!) doing age appropriate engineering related activities.  Everyone had a great time building paper rockets, making tin foil boats, and building towers out of pasta and marshmallows.

In my opinion, this is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.